The staff at Complement Genomics Ltd, based in Lanchester, County Durham, want to contribute to the efforts to suppress the coronavirus in our community. Making a local difference to asymptomatic staff in GP surgeries, pharmacies, care home and hospices in Co. Durham is our goal.

We hope to give people confidence to go to work and reassure people that they are not infectious or if they are infectious, to refer them to the NHS and make sure they are quickly able to follow the government’s self isolation advice.

The company has invested substantially to provide this service, with a new category 2 laboratory, new class II hoods and access to the staff, equipment, reagents and controls which are necessary to conduct this type of testing.

Dr Neil Sullivan and Ms Louise Allcroft, the owners of the company are passionate about trying to help the community stay safe and get back on it feet. “We nearly all either have vulnerabilities or are protecting someone vulnerable; we are so pleased to be able to make a contribution which will support the community and NHS” said Dr Sullivan.

We have also joined a nationwide network of companies and institutions who are all helping to test in the community. This network, the Covid-19 Volunteer Testing Network is an initiative by the Fischer Family Trust and which has been launched by Mike Fischer CBE.

The network is sharing best practice and is coming together with a commonality of technical expertise.

In order to do our part in further preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 we are now also offering private Covid-19 test kits to the general public, these can be used for both peace of mind testing or for proof that you are fit to fly. If you wish to order one of these tests, please visit

Complement Genomics Ltd will by mid May 2020 provide screening for Covid-19 using real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR) analysis. rRT-PCR is an amplification technique where a unique primer is used to target the viral gene present in oral swab samples. The presence of Covid-19 is confirmed by fluorescence using a passive dye on the amplified genetic material. This is the antigen test that can tell if you are infected or have recently been infected. In due course and when the antibody test is more readily available, we intend to offer this type of screening too.

Covid-19 Testing