Genome analysis and biomarker technologies
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Complement Genomics

Trading since 2000, Complement Genomics is an innovator in genetic testing technologies.


thatDNAcompany is a "no frills" DNA paternity testing service for your own personal information only.


dadcheck©silver is a premium DNA testing service offering paternity and more complex familial testing for the general public.


dadcheck©gold is a leading genetic testing service for professionals. Operating from our UK-based ISO 17025 laboratories, we are approved by the Ministry of Justice to carry out s20 paternity tests for legal purposes.


The dadcheck©platinum service offers paternity and DNA testing for the elite and famous people. It is a completely confidential service, working on an international basis.


ChXout offers non-human DNA testing using state of the art genetic testing techniques at competitive prices. All work is carried out at our fully equipped, in-house laboratories in the UK.


Geneblitz® is the molecular biology services division of Complement Genomics Ltd. The service is catered for corporate clients, providing validated services in genotyping, DNA sequencing, biomarker analysis (genotyping and phenotyping; discovery and validation), nucleic acid extraction, bio-banking, forensics and analysis of microbes.

Rural Connect

Why not take a look at our profile on Rural Connect, detailing The Durham Genome Centre and our premium offices here in the centre of Lanchester?