Genome analysis and biomarker technologies
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We incubate and support the development of biotechnology companies and their supply chain with both office and laboratory accommodation, plus of course, providing an environment in which companies can thrive. We are proud to currently accommodate and support the following companies:

Complement Genomics Ltd

The lifestyle genetics company.

Trading since 2000, Complement Genomics is an innovator in genetic testing technologies.

We were the first to truly take DNA testing to the general public via and continue to bring forward new and improved DNA testing services.

We have considerable expertise in genotyping and other types of molecular biology services and also carry out our own research programmes, most notably in the area of biomarker assay development and validation.

We offer DNA testing services for plants and animals such as species identification, avian DNA sex determination and canine breed identification. 

Our new service, HolistX, provides lifestyle microbiome testing services to identify the complex microbes which live in harmony with your body.



Holistx has been born from the desire to understand and use the complex symphony of interactions between genes, environment and microbes to improve the human condition, in both health and disease.