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Genetic Testing Provides Crucial Support for Drug Development (Industry Analysis and Opportunity)


Clinical trials of new drugs for human use have long suffered due to candidate drugs being deemed ineffective. More than half of clinical trials fail on the basis of efficacy but new studies from GSK suggest there may be a way forward.

Genetic testing studies could double the success rate (Nelson et al., 2015). By mapping common variant genetic associations to Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) terms the GSK researchers have noted an association (an enrichment) of approved drugs with a Mendelian trait.

The evidence thus suggests that the mechanism of action can be predicted from genetic associations and that selection of genetically supported targets could double clinical success rates.

- Dr Neil Sullivan


Nelson, M. R., Tipney, H., Painter, J. L., Shen, J., Nicoletti, P., Shen, Y., … Sanseau, P. (2015). The support of human genetic evidence for approved drug indications. Nat Genet, advance on. Retrieved from


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