Genome analysis and biomarker technologies
Areas of interest


There has been a veritable explosion in information relating to microbes in the last few years.  Conventional microbiology can culture some of what is there, but it is very dependent on the growth medium.  New DNA sequencing technology (next generation sequencing) has been applied to the bacterial 16S mRNA, which has been shown to be unique to each organism.  In a multitude of systems, thousands of different new species of uncultured bacteria have been discovered, many previously unknown, as well as the old favourites and there and now many papers relating to the microbiome...fascinating reading they make too !
It is now very clear that the microbiome, especially that of the gut, plays an incredibly important role in maintaining the status quo and providing functionality, not just in humans but in othr animal and plants too.  If the bacteria go awry, then unpleasant consequences can arise. 
We think that your own healthy microbiome is the key to keeping a healthy body and that the microbiome itself will provide the next generation of treatments for other conditions. Indeed, we think the solution to anti-microbial resistance lies within the microbiome community itself and we need to learn how to harness the power of bacteria for our own good.
Within the Durham Genome Centre, operated by Geneblitz (contract research services in molecular biology) and Chxout (applied genetics...non human animal and plant DNA testing), the staff operate the latest Thermo Scientific S5 NGS machine and an ion chef for making the sequencing chips.