Genome analysis and biomarker technologies
Areas of interest

Drug Metabolism

The prime interest of the Director of the Durham Genome Centre, Dr Neil Sullivan, is in genotyping and biomarker analysis for clinical trials.  Via Complement Genomics, we have participated in many international clinical trials for international CROs.  Quite often these projects involve the identification of SNPs that affect drug metabolism, both phase I (the CYPs) and phase II.
The laboratories are state of the art in terms of capital equipment.  Paramount is validation; so many biomarkers have fallen by the wayside at the validation stage. "Discovery" may have resulted in a correlation and an interesting paper, but turning said data into an useful biomarker is a different issue  (a different "kettle of fish" in the UK, a different "ball game" in the US)
If you have a genotyping requirement or a biomarker to analyse, then please contact Neil today, via the Geneblitz website.