Genome analysis and biomarker technologies
Areas of interest

DNA Testing


Our anchor tenant Complement Genomics Ltd use their ISO 17025 accredited laboratories to provide a wide range of DNA testing services on an international basis. 
This includes, genotyping and biomarker analysis for clinical trials, animal genetics (species identification, parentage, bird sexing) and human DNA testing for paternity, sibling-ship, immigration and surrogacy. 
Most recently the company has invested in next generation sequencing technology (NGS) to provide microbiome analysis via 16S mRNA sequencing to business cleints, such as those involved, for example, in consumer testing.
The customer base includes international contract research organisations (CROs), biotechnology and other business customers, ecologists, plus the legal profession and social services. 

All DNA must first be extracted from cells before it can proceed to the next stage: polymerase chain reaction (PCR).